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  • RomaNatura was a former member of FEDENATUR that leaved the Association for several years for political reasons.
  • The president of the Parco Adda Nord, Dr. Agostino Agostinelli is the new president of FEDENATUR. 
  • Benedetto Selleri, team leader of Expo Green, has showed us the landscape interventions in the Expo site. 
  • Parco delle Groane covers the most important and semi-natural area of the upper plain of Lombardy, in the north-west of Milan.
  • The Parco Nord Milano has celebrated 40 years since its creation.
  • Agostino Agostinelli - president of Parco Adda Nord- is the new president of FEDENATUR
  • The meeting was open by Michela Palestra - President of the Parco Agricolo Sud Milano and Anna Scavuzzo - Councillor for Environment, Agriculture, Urban parks of Metropolitan interest and Youth policy 
  • Ecosystems provide a multitude of benefits to humanity, from food to recreation. Within the latest In-depth Report, published by the EU Commission, four core facets of the ecosystem services concept are explored.
  • On the 23 June, Belgian premiere of the documentary Banking Nature, commissioned by Franco-German television channel ARTE. The screening will be followed by a debate with distinguished speakers who will discuss the defining question of the conservation debate: Will putting a price on nature protect it?
  • The concept of green infrastructure recognizes that nature –healthy ecosystems and the services they provide – is the basis of our societal and economic organization. ECNC and CEEweb have published a Green Infrastructure Training Manual for local authorities, NGOs and trainers.
  • L'objectif de cet ouvrage est de réussir une manifestation sur la voie du développement durable. Il s'adresse principalement aux organisateurs de manifestation de toute taille et aux élus, professionnels, bénévoles et étudiants. L'analyse est complétée par un certain nombre d'outils, de cas pratiques et de recommandations.
  • Every six years the Member States submit assessments on the conservation statues of species and habitats protected under the EU Nature Directives, and a report, ‘The State of Nature in the EU’, has now been published, drawing on these assessments for the period 2007-2012.
  • The INTERREG MED Programme 2014-2020 is hosting a Kick-Off event on 23 June 2015 in Marseilles. The event will introduce potential applicants to the new programme's architecture and thematic priorities, as well as the expectations for future projects.
  • To stop the Mediterranean region turning into a desert, the EU-funded MENFRI project is establishing forest management strategies and solutions that address environmental concerns across the Mediterranean and create jobs.
  • Eurosite is developing a Natura 2000 Monitoring workshop for European site managers. This workshop will be organised as part of the EU's Natura 2000 Biogeographical Process and will take place on 19-21 October 2015 in Barcelona.
  • In this co-funded Joint Call, BiodivERsA has chosen to support research for understanding and managing biodiversity dynamics to improve ecosystem functioning and delivery of ecosystem services in a global change context.
  • On 21-22 May the Council of Europe will celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the European Diploma for Protected Areas and the International Day for Biological Diversity through the international Workshop on “Protected Areas in Europe: the next 50 years”.
  • Wiki Loves Earth is an annual international photo contest of the natural monuments, where participants picture protected areas and upload their photos to Wikimedia Commons.
  • The online seminar "Constructed wetlands: working with water for biodiversity" consists of a series of 12 videos registered by renowned international experts dealing with different areas of constructed wetlands management (water, biodiversity, birds, overall management). All videos are available in English and Spanish (subtitles).
  • Ecosystem Services come to Town: The 2015 European Urban Green Infrastructure Conference, taking place on 23th and 24th november 2015 in Vienna, will bring together Europe's leading policy makers, urban planners, developers, contractors, city architects, builders, manufacturers, community groups, utility companies and NGOs.

  • The "Call for papers" of the International Symposium is now open!
  • Imagine a day when all Parks and Protected Areas come together across Europe, celebrate their successes and declare the value and benefits of Europe’s Protected Areas to communities, decision makers and the wider public: Well it is EUROPARC’s European Day of Parks!
  • Every year, millions of tonnes of litter end up in oceans, beaches, forests and elsewhere in nature. The primary causes are our societies’ unsustainable production and consumption patterns, poor waste management strategies and the lack of awareness of the population. In order to reduce littering in nature and to give visibility to the issue, the EWWR (European Week for Waste Reduction) coordinates a Europe-wide annual clean-up day.
  • The European Commission launched an online consultation on the role of research in global food and nutrition security. The aim of the consultation is to gather the views of stakeholders, citizens and the scientific community on the role that research has to play in tackling the challenges associated with ensuring food and nutrition security.
  • The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has been nominated to implement the International Year of Soils 2015, within the framework of the Global Soil Partnership and in collaboration with Governments and the secretariat of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification.

    The IYS 2015 aims to increase awareness and understanding of the importance of soil for food security and essential ecosystem functions.


  • The next biodivERsA call, cofunded by the European Commission will cover the two following themes:
    Theme #1: Understanding and managing the biodiversity dynamics of soils and sediments to improve ecosystem functioning and delivery of ecosystem services
    Theme #2: Understanding and managing biodiversity dynamics in land-, river- and sea-scapes (habitat connectivity, green and blue infrastructures, and naturing cities) to improve ecosystem functioning and delivery of ecosystem services
    The call is planned to be launched in May 2015, with a closing date in early November 2015.