Infrastructure verte
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Green Infrastructure is built up of natural and man-made, rural and urban elements. It encompasses ecological networks, by ensuring the ecological coherence of the Natura 2000 Network. Green Infrastructure includes reforestation zones, green bridges and green roofs, green urban areas, fish migration channels, floodplain restoration and flood-retention facilities as well as natural areas, high-value farmland and forest areas, which demonstrate the advantages of nature-based solutions to purely technical ones, or innovative planning approaches for intelligent, multi-purpose land use.

The European Commission has adopted a Green Infrastructure Strategy, 'to promote the deployment of green infrastructure in the EU in urban and rural areas'.

Communication from the Commission: Green Infrastructure (GI) (COM(2013) 249 final)
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Videos on Green Infrastructure
Two animated shorts and explanatory documentary have been developed for wider public within the framework of GreenInfraNet project. Films will help to better understand the key of green infrastructure, its applications in different areas - rural, periurban, and urban settings, moreover in our everyday lifestyle.

The natural thing to do: An introduction to the GreenInfraNet Project
The film introduces the set actions towards preservation of green areas and promotion human wellbeing as well as reasons why development of green infrastructures is so vital to liveability conditions. Green spaces are essential well being indicator in urban spaces, however periurban areas and rural areas provide cities with fresh water and food, therefore other land-use objectives such as agriculture, forestry, recreation and climate change adaptation come into place.

A partnership for the future: The GreenInfraNet Project
The film explains what kind of steps and activities have been accomplished to implement green infrastructures in practice. Partners share expertise in management models, strong legal background, farsighted decisions, cross sartorial public-private partnership and local initiatives are all peace of good examples to contribute green infrastructures.

This project also created documentary film Greening Europe: Promoting Biological diversity in EU Regions dedicated to essential need for preservation of biodiversity and correct explanation of GI.

Gathering opinions from practitioners, nature activists, entrepreneurs and decision makers to better explain the harmony of policy making, application and actions. Film has shoot in sights of Latvia, Hungary and Italy, presenting the beautiful landscape diversity from south to east.

Project GreenInfraNet is cofunded by Regional development fund INTERREG IVC program support.