Publication: Landscape Planning at a Local Level in Europe

Since its approval in October 2000, the European Landscape Convention (ELC) has become the European benchmark par excellence for landscape management. Gradually, institutional, regulatory and planning changes and adaptations have been taking place throughout Europe, as indicated by the ELC. One of the commitments in which most progress has been made in some European countries is that of managing and planning the landscape at a local scale, which in many regions of the continent already had a long tradition.

The document, mainly pursues three objectives:

• To find out about the main landscape planning tools and experiences in the local area that exist in Europe and to analyse their link with local planning, both from an urban as well as a sectorial perspective.

• To bring new elements of debate and reflection regarding the incorporation of the landscape into planning, focusing on the enormous potentials that the territory and the landscape offer on a local scale.

• To contribute to the debates started by the governments of Catalonia and Andorra regarding their respective territorial and urban policies which should lead to new, more innovative and efficient regulations.

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