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Nature Outlook on the future of nature in Europe

The Nature Outlook on the future of nature in Europe provides alternative perspectives for 2050 on the desired state of nature and actions for civil society, companies and government from local to EU level to achieve the desired state. The Nature Outlook will be input to an informal Ministers Conference, organised under the Dutch Presidency of the EU Council in the first half of 2016, and deliver innovative insights for EU nature and biodiversity policies. It can also be used in strategic discussions on adjacent policies, such as the Common Agricultural Policy. The study is being carried out by PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, an independent research institute in nature, environment and spatial planning.

Online consultation

In December 2014, PBL conducted a dialogue to define the perspectives for the Nature Outlook.More than 30 people participated in the dialogue, representing umbrella organisations in Europe in various sectors, including nature conservation, agriculture, landowners, business, and healthcare. PBL has summarised and analysed the outcome of the dialogue, which is presented here as the basis for online consultation. The consultation is open to representatives of organisations and others concerned with nature in Europe to provide additional insights for the perspectives to be used in the Nature Outlook. Further dialogue sessions and online consultations will be organised in March and June 2015 to develop the perspectives and to derive messages for policymakers and stakeholders.


This online consultation offers you the opportunity to contribute to the perspectives on the future of nature created in the first dialogue. The most interesting ideas will be used to further develop the perspectives and/or to change them. Click the ‘Read and change the perspective’ button below any of the photos on this page to go to the 'perspective page', where you will find a brief description of a state of nature in 2050 and a pathway to 2050. Click the ‘Edit this perspective’ button and change the name, the state and/or the pathway. You can propose another photo by uploading it in JPEG format. Before you go to the page, please complete your contact details so that we can email you a report on the results and ask you for further information, if necessary. You can delete a perspective by clicking the ‘Delete this perspective’ button under a photo, or add a perspective by clicking the 'Add a new perspective' button, and provide a brief explanation. All results will be anonymous, and your contact information will not be used for any other purpose. 

webpage: http://www.natureoutlook-consultation.nl/?oc=c1