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Naturalmente Parchi, in Rome opens the first store of products 'born' in protected parks
"Many of the companies operating in protected areas and national parks are living mainly in the" parks "almost exclusively as a cause of problems and constraints rather than as opportunities for growth - explain the protagonists of this new activity - yet the parks represent a tremendous opportunity for all those businesses that operate in an environmentally, for the creation and supply of tourist services and handicrafts, agricultural and agri-food quality certified (organic, PDO, PGI, TSG, DOC, DOCG, IGT, PAT, brand parks, etc). We want to bridge the gap between the production areas and the urban area where there is greatest consumption capacity. "
For the record company I-noor stems from the desire shared by five partners to contribute to sustainable development through the promotion and enhancement of agriculture ethics. The founders have decades of experience in the field of social farming, the design of the European, national and regional level in the field of agriculture. The ultimate goal is to bring to the attention of the consumer-citizen excellence offered by many small companies that operate with great environmental responsibility within protected areas.
In the store Naturally Parks - located in Via Milano n ° 6, in front of the Exhibition Palace - will also be organized cultural events and promotions. The main partners to which it addresses now are many companies that produce in the parks: multifunctional farms, artisanal producers, in particular the quality of the food sector, businesses that offer sustainable tourism; but also associations of farmers and artisans, as well as consumer associations and environmental groups.