LIFE ForestLife project is carried out with the cooperation of the Greek Biotope/Wetland Centre (ΕΚΒΥ) and the Directorate General for the Development and Protection of Forests and the Rural Environment (DGDPFRE) of the Greek Ministry of the Environment and Energy. ForestLife project comes as a response to the lag of the Greek forest community to disseminate, assess and adopt new knowledge and experience on forest management issues and threats to the Greek forests related to the conservation of forest habitat types.

This lag was one of the main findings during the New Biogeographic Process (Natura 2000 Seminars Process). Furthermore, during this process the same lags were identified for forest governance, funding, training etc.

The project will develop tools for the dissemination of knowledge, cooperation and interaction between the members of the Greek Forest community. It will also increase the knowledge of the members of the forest community on critical issues for the conservation of the forest habitat types and will make more familiar the use of modern tools used for these purposes.

At the same time, the project will contribute to the improvement of visitor management in Greek forests. This will be achieved through the development of means allowing forest managers to properly and on time provide the visitors with useful information, such as where and what they can see and do, but also what they should avoid for the protection of nature and their own safety.

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