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Life + project The "Green Deserts"
The "Green Deserts" projects is an ambitious reforestation project converting 63 hectares of bare and desertified land into forest without the use of traditional irrigation, thereby demonstrating the viability of the Groasis Waterboxx. The project will run in 5 different Spanish provinces (Valladolid, León, Zamora, Zaragoza y Barcelona), each with a different climate, different height, and different usage and soil composition. The proposition is thus to test the Waterboxx in a great variety of circumstances and prove its effectiness in all these different and highly challenging conditions. All areas included in the project vary according to their: climate (from extremely dry land climate to dry Mediterranean climate), types of soil (sand, clay, rocks and any combination), height (from just above sea level to high in the mountains at 1.800 metres), actual usage (disuse, landfill, skiing slope, burned down forest, agriculture), specific indigenous tree species
The common element for all regions is that they are extremely dry to arid and no tree, plant or crop can grow without articifical irrigation if at all.

How does a Waterboxx work?
In the Waterboxx, rain and condensation
is collected. The standard
Waterboxx is made of polypropylene,
there are biodegradable versions
and a reinforced paper pulp
Waterboxx is currently in testing
phase. The box is 25 cm high with
a 50 cm diameter and stores up to
15 liters of water. The design and
storage section of the box prevents
evaporation of the water once
taken up. With the help of a wick,
the box distributes a daily dose
of water to the roots of the young
tree. In this way, a heavy rain shower
of ten minutes, which might
occur only once a year, can be
apportioned to the plant over the
next 300+ days - or until the next
rain shower, the manufacturers,
AquaPro promise. This capturing
and apportioning of water gives
the young plant enough time to
search for natural capillary water,
even in very dry soil. The hard soil
underneath the box is constantly
moisturized which slowly but steadily
restores the capillarity of the
soil. In these vertical water canals,
the roots can find their way, even
through stones and rocks. The
costs per Waterboxx depend on
the volume, but is on average €10.
As the polypropylene version can
be reused 10 times before being
recycled, the yearly cost per ‘round
of plantation’ comes down to
about €1.
More info at: http://thegreendeserts.com/