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Invasive alien species conference 26 March 2015, Milan, Italy

A conference on invasive alien species (IAS) will be held in the Lombardy region’s Palazzo Pirelli on Via Fabio Filzi, Milan, on 26 March 2015. The conference will focus on the final results of the LIFE project, EC SQUARE (or Rossoscoiattolo) (LIFE09 NAT/IT/00095), as well as similar projects dealing with management of IAS.

In Italy, the survival of the red squirrel (Scirius vulgaris) is threatened by the presence of the invasive American grey squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis). To tackle the problem the EC-SQUARE project is currently developing actions to control the spread of the grey squirrel in parts of northern Italy.

The project is also helping raise awareness of the threats to biodiversity posed by invasive species. It is being co-ordinated by the Lombardy region in partnership with the Piedmont and Liguria regions. As well as the control of invasive squirrels, the project is also evaluating the feasibility of reintroducing red squirrels in Genoa's Nervi Park.

The meeting will be an opportunity for discussion and debate on the issue of IAS, especially in light of the new EU regulation on the prevention and management of introductions of exotic species. Several European projects taking action to manage IAS will be featured.

To register for the conference, send an email to scoiattolorosso@regione.lombardia.it
The final programme and details of the meeting will be published on the project website:www.rossoscoiattolo.eu