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International Congress on Prescribed Fires

ICOPFIRES (Barcelona, 1-3 February 2017 at the University of Barcelona, Spain) will be the first international congress about prescribed fires in Europe. The aim is to connect the diverse stakeholders involved in forest management (e.g. local authorities, fire fighters, foresters, land managers and owners) with researchers from several fields, as biology, geography, ecology, sociology, meteorology, climatology, engineery, soil scientists, physicists among others. It is important to transfer knowledge among the participants and learning from the experiences from all the participants about the use of prescribed fire for land management.

The organizers have a strong experience in the use of prescribed fire for landscape management. Since 1999 we are working in this topic, and with the experience, we are finding the best time and areas where prescribed fire is an efficient technique for landscape management. The time of application, land use type, vegetation history and soil type appear to be important factors that control the impacts of prescribed fires on soil and vegetation. This knowledge was only possible to get due a strong collaboration between managers, authorities and researchers.

The International Congress on Prescribed Fires has the pleasure to hold also the 14th International Wildland Fire Safety Summit.

Submission of abstracts
deadline 15 September 2016

Early bird registration closes 30 November 2016

Read more at: http://www.paucostafoundation.org/ICoPFires/icopfires/