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Green Infrastructure training materials
ECNC and CEEweb have published a Green Infrastructure Training Manual for local authorities, NGOs and trainers.

The concept of green infrastructure recognizes that nature - healthy ecosystems and the services they provide - is the basis of our societal and economic organization; preservation of natural capital and ecosystem services is necessary to maintain the correct functioning of our society and economy.

Nature-based green infrastructure solutions provide ecological, economic and social benefits, thus addressing the three crucial aspects of sustainable development.

This training material was compiled to help raise awareness about green infrastructure and the services nature provides us. By understanding how nature works for us, we can begin to consider ecosystem services when making decisions. We can recognize the multiple benefits that green infrastructure
delivers and include nature’s value in our economic calculations. Thus, investing in nature can become our true life insurance.

This manual was designed for practitioners in both governmental and non-governmental institutions to help them raise awareness about green infrastructure. It can be used to train oneself and one’s team as well as serving as a workshop plan for educators.