ForestLife app

An application for smartphones and tablets, ForestLife app is intended to constitute an innovative means of communication and information about Greek forests on multiple levels.

At home or at the office, it will provide a wealth of information on Greek forests, taking advantage of the multimedia possibilities of modern technology. It will incorporate texts, maps, photographs and videos, while at the final stage of its development, it will integrate the electronic version of the book “The forests of Greece”, the most comprehensive publication on Greek forests.

At the field, it will be a useful guide for the visitor’s tour inside the forest. Making use of the mobile device’ s GPS receiver, it will point out adjacent forests, informing about the particular values and functions and guiding the user to places of interest and recreation areas, providing instructions and information on possible restrictions.

Furthermore, the application will provide connection to the Collaborative Platform for Forests (CPF), enabling the retrieval of relevant information by a large community of users.

The application will be compatible with the Android and iOS operating systems and will be freely available through the ForestLife project’s website, the electronic stores Google Play and Apple Store, as well as other websites.The application is expected to be available by the end of 2017.

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