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Ecosystem Services supplied by Periurban natural parks

Within the last years, the concept of ecosystem services increasingly emerged, which is in economic terms also known under the name of natural capital.

The conceptual framework of ecosystem services derives from the Millenium Ecosystem Assessment (MA), driven in 2005 by an international working group which was established in order to meet the needs of policy makers and the public for scientific information concerning the benefits that brings the ecosystem services for human well-being.

Ecosystems provide a large variety of services and benefits (e.g. recreational or protective services, production of food and fodder, timber production, renewable energy, air quality, CO2 storage, etc.), even if it’s actual value is still not “recognized” in economical assessments.

The protection of natural sites within metropolitan areas becomes a strategic element of ensuring the supply of urban ecosystem services, including those with strong social and economic value.

The next technical meeting of FEDENATUR will take place in Milan, home of the world exhibition EXPO 2015 "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life". Hosting institutions are the three Milanese periurban parks, Parco Agricolo Sud Milano, Parco nord Milano and Parco delle Groane.

The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the monetary and non-monetary valuation of various ecosystem services provided by periurban parks (production of O2, CO2 storage, food production, health and well-being).

The technical meeting is dedicated to leaders in charge of periurban parks (directors, managers, politicians, technicians, etc.) in order to exchange ideas and enhance their knowledge via specific examples of other parks and through experts from the academic and non-academic world.

For those who are interested in sharing their experiences, we kindly ask to send a resume to teresa.pastor@fedenatur.org before 1st may 2015.

 Registration form here