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EcoServ-GIS v.3.3 available to download
Ecosystem services are the benefits that people gain from nature and the natural environment. Explicitly considering these benefits can inform land use planning and conservation projects. One way of including these services in assessments is by using ecosystem services mapping.

The EcoServ-GIS toolkit generates fine scale maps illustrating the human requirement (need or demand) for ecosystem services as well as the capacity of the natural environment to provide each service, using scientifically informed, standardised methods and widely available datasets. It provides users with the facility to overlay these maps to show how well demand and capacity coincide in space. This highlights those natural areas providing high levels of service delivery, that should be conserved, as well as those that are most in need of actions to improve single or multiple service delivery. These are illustrated by maps of service "benefiting areas" as well as identified "management zones". These maps can be used over a range of scales, from assisting decisions on the management of sites or nature reserves, informing policies, and responding to local planning applications, to aiding the development of landscape scale conservation projects.

Version 3.3 maps nine regulating and cultural services, including ones that grade greenspace according to the opportunities they provide for enjoying nature. The toolkit is free to use or modify, including for commercial use.
For more info: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/ecoserv-gis-v33-available-download-jonathan-winn