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Crapauduc Simplified ecological corridors
With crapauducs - Simplified ecological corridors - ACO offers tools built into the green frame taking into account the vulnerability of species.

The Crapauduc ACO solution avoids decimation of small animals, and especially amphibians, as they cross roads, generating major imbalances in the ecosystem.

Tunnels for crossing roads

ACO has designed tunnels that meet the protection needs of amphibians and other small animals when they cross the roads:
• input element largely open to guide the animals in the tunnel
• specific gutters for producing tunnels
• guide walls

The safe passage, especially for amphibians, depends on several factors:
• a tunnel with a moderate length
• a non-metal material and not removing moisture animals
• a temperature in the tunnel close to ambient temperature
Crapauduc Solution: ecological corridor for amphibians and small animals
Made of polymer concrete, ACO system meets all of these factors either in closed tunnel buried under the floor or open tunnel. It can also easily cope with high groundwater levels.

LEP100 the guide wall

• double guard to prevent animals from climbing and go over
• allows installation in difficult terrain or carrying of heavy loads
• laying on gravel or gravel without concrete foundation
• withstand the weight of a car and the pressure of the ground at the foot of an embankment
• adaptable to different configurations of a project
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