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Conference: Wild Forest Products in Europe

Wild forest products, also known as non-wood forest products, are vitally important to the people of Europe. Wild products are a cluster of many different products, frequently associated with the green economy, the local valuable traditions, soft tourism, the rediscover of the richness and values of European rural areas and people. They can also be a source of raw materials for industry. Up to now in many European countries the forest-based sector has been mainly built around wood based products. This is due to the significant relative economic importance of wood and the well-structured and competitive value chains based on such raw material.

However, the full potential of non-wood forest products needs to be unlocked in order to increase the socio-economic opportunities and competitiveness of rural economies. Indeed, there are still numerous knowledge gaps on data gathering, synergies and trade-offs with standard forest management, markets and marketing for wild forest products, institutional and policy aspects, and competitive and innovation potentials in a European bio-economy.

This conference aims at exchanging new knowledge on these topics presenting novel approaches and scientific advancements in the field of wild forest products from forest management, production of wild products towards processing and marketing. The conference will provide the opportunity to present and discuss the opportunities and limitations of current and possible future approaches to wild forest products.

The thematic areas of the conference are:

  1. Novel concepts for managing forests for wild forest products
  2. New evidence on marketing and trade within Europe and on a global scale
  3. Governing wild forest products: gaining new institutional and policy evidence
  4. Innovation in wild forest product value chains
  5. Unraveling the social and cultural dimensions of wild forest products
  6. Phytosanitary aspects and pests: how to foster resilience of wild forest products in the conditions of climate change

Abstract submission extended

We invite submission of abstracts for contributed oral and poster presentations to be submitted by April 14, 2016.

Important dates

Deadline for abstract submission: 14 April 2016

Feedback on acceptance of abstracts: end of April 2016

Early registration deadline: 15 June 2016

Late registration deadline: 30 August 2016

Contact: Dr. Bernhard Wolfslehner, European Forest Institute

See more at: http://star-tree.eu/final-conference-2016