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Conference: Wild Forest Products in Europe

The final conference of the project StarTree (StarTree is a pan-European project to support the sustainable exploitation of forest resources for rural development) will take place from 13 to 14 October in Barcelona,Spain. This conference aims at exchanging new knowledge on these topics presenting novel approaches and scientific advancements in the field of wild forest products from forest management, production of wild products towards processing and marketing. The conference will provide the opportunity to present and discuss the opportunities and limitations of current and possible future approaches to wild forest products.

The thematic areas of the conference are:

  1. Novel concepts for managing forests for wild forest products
  2. New evidence on marketing and trade within Europe and on a global scale
  3. Governing wild forest products: gaining new institutional and policy evidence
  4. Innovation in wild forest product value chains
  5. Unraveling the social and cultural dimensions of wild forest products
  6. Phytosanitary aspects and pests: how to foster resilience of wild forest products in the conditions of climate change

Conference and venue

The two-day conference will include invited keynote talks, sessions with contributed oral presentations, a poster exhibit, and a panel discussion with decision makers and stakeholder representatives. The conference will be arranged at the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site in Barcelona, Spain.

Read more at: http://star-tree.eu/final-conference-2016