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1st International symposium on Remote sensing in Wetlands conservation
The "Call for papers" of the International Symposium is now open!
 Wetlands are fragile and dynamic ecosystems sensitive to changes in climate and land-use, and rich in biodiversity. For centuries they were considered to have little or no value, and most have been drained or transformed. Now it is recognized that wetlands provide fundamental ecosystem services, such as water regulation, filtering and purification, as well as scientific, cultural, and recreational values.

Remote Sensing can provide useful information about wetlands. Earth Observation (EO) satellites have been used to delineate flooded areas and to provide information on wetland location, limits and extent. But they can also be used to study wetland dynamics, monitor changes in water quality (e.g. cyanobacterial blooms, trophic status, inputs of terrestrial Carbon), to map habitat types, vegetation communities or ecosystem services. EO data can help in the conservation and management of wetlands.

In parallel with the celebration of the XVI Meeting of the Spanish Remote Sensing Association (AET) we are organizing an International Symposium on Remote Sensing on Wetlands entitled: "What can Remote Sensing do for the Conservation of Wetlands?

This International Symposium wants to become the first scientific meeting to discuss the ways in which remote sensing science and earth observation data can help for the study, conservation and management of wetlands.
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