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1st European Urban Green Infrastructure Conference
Ecosystem Services come to Town: The 2015 European Urban Green Infrastructure Conference, taking place on 23th and 24th november 2015 in Vienna, will bring together Europe's leading policy makers, urban planners, developers, contractors, city architects, builders, manufacturers, community groups, utility companies and NGOs.

The EU Green Infrastructure and Ecosystem Services Policy commenced in 2014. Healthy, climate resilient and inclusive GI and ES through the implementation of Nature based solutions should be an important element of smart cities in Union. The conference wishes to celebrate this with inspirational speakers and projects in cities from across the continent.

The conference themes are all interlinked, ensuring that policies, professional realms of expertise and delivery are multi-beneficial and interlinked to connect professionals and communities within cities across the Union.

The full website with programme, speakers and more information will be going live soon.