«We are Paris-culteurs» : The City of Paris invites innovators to promote a greener Paris

Pénélope Komitès, advisor to the Mayor, has announced a call for projects calling on all gardeners, landscape designers, urban farmers, entrepreneurs, startups, civil society, architects, and artists from around the world, to become «Paris-culteurs ».

Anne Hidalgo, has set an ambitious goal for Paris to dramatically expand and develop green urban spaces and to create a new urban model, establishing as as a goal the creation of 100 hectares of green roofs, green facades and walls by 2020, of which a third of this space will be devoted to urban agriculture.

Call for projects

Pénélope Komitès, advisor to the Mayor has announced a call for projects entitled «Paris-culteurs», with the support of 33 charter signatories «Objective: 100 hectares». Progress towards this this goal will focus on 40 sites located across Paris and currently under identification - roofs, walls, at ground level or below - sites which will be made available to green innovators for the development of urban agriculture and green space projects.

Aeroponics, aquaponics, hydroponics, permaculture, orchards, mushroom cultivation, above or below ground, edible walls, vegetable roofs, climbing and descending plants, sedum terrace installations: all are options are available to the «Paris-culteurs» who may propose techniques involving any and all forms of urban gardening.

Workshop on March 8

First stage : Bring together the future « Parisculteurs ». The City invites all candidates to join the LinkedIn group dedicated to this initiative, and to also participate in the first workshop «Paris-culteurs», focused on exchange and promotion of join collaboration, which will take place on March 8 in the auditorium at the Parc Floral.

Second stage, mid-April : Pénélope Komitès will unveil the list of 40 proposed sites, together with the call for offer partners. «These locations will be made available to the imagination and know-how of the selected “Paris-culteurs" partners, either based in France or abroad. These partners will be charged with creating a showcase to demonstrate the possibilities available for urban agriculture and green space innovation. They will have a catalyzing role for the development of new projects in the capital,” according to Komitès.

Information about the call for projects, the workshop « Paris-culteurs » and the registration form are available now in French at