Who can be a member ?
  • Organisations holding direct authority in the management of peri-urban natural and rural spaces with a minimum surface area of space managed of 200 hectares. It is considered that smaller spaces may associate with each other to reach the minimum surface area required, thereby acquiring the possibility of membership as a single representation, with the right to vote.
  • Organisations that do not manage Periurban Natural Spaces but with direct interests in the conservation of metropolitan and peri-urban natural and rural spaces. They shall not have the right to vote.
Five reasons to become a member
  1. to join efforts in nature conservation
  2. to benefit of a net of exchange of knowledge and experiences
  3. to participate in our technical seminars for free
  4. to be involved in European projects
  5. to be represented through the European Habitat Forum at the European commission
How to join ?
Download Membership Application Forms:
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