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Parque Periurbano Los Villares
C/ Tomas de Aquino, s/n 7ª planta. 14071 Córdoba, Córdoba, Andalucía
Phone: +34 957001300 - Fax: +34 957001262
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Parque Periurbano Los Villares
The woodland area known as "Los Villares Bajos," in the province of Córdoba, owned by the State and declared a public-utility property, was transferred to the Andalusian Regional Government in 1984. It covers nowadays an extension of 60 ha intended for recreational use and it has the necessary facilities to cater for the, approximately, 500.000 visitors it receives each year: parking space for 2.500 vehicles, outdoor stoves, tables, benches, fountains, kitchen sinks, toilets, children’s playgrounds, sports fields, gymnastics circuit, camping area, bar and cafeteria, etc. It is, therefore, a natural area located in the vicinity of the city of Cordoba, which meets a part of its population’s recreational needs, fulfilling the objective requirements which characterize the concept of periurban park as established in Act 2/1989 on the Inventory of Andalusian Natural Protected Areas.