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El Alamillo
Isla de la Cartuja s/n, Sevilla, Andalucía
Phone: +34 954 787878 - Fax: +34 954 787891
Surface: 120 ha - Population: 1,500,000 (metropolitan area)
Number of municipalities: 2, Seville and Santiponce
El Alamillo
This park belongs to the municipal districts of Seville and Santiponce. It is placed in the north area of the Isla de la Cartuja. Nowadays, it has an approximate surface of 120 ha of which 75 are opened for public use. The Park was constructed by the Andalusian Public Department through the Andalusian Public Company -EPSA- on the occasion of the Universal Exposition of Seville in 1992. It was inaugurated in October, 12th 1993.

The positive evaluation of the Park made by the citizens is based on its design, its maintenance, its safety and its activities, orientated to qualifying and strengthening the relation with the people and entities that make use of it.

The Alamillo aspires to be:
  • A public area of harmonious relation between people and nature, regardless races, beliefs, ideologies and classes.
  • A public area for creative and not consumer leisure where the citizens can participate in multiple activities.
  • A public area that looks for the strengthening and qualification of the relation with the citizens that recognize it as of their own.
  • A public area for environmental education.
Natural heritage
The areas of the Park are part of the water-meadows of the Guadalquivir river. Its soils have a great fertility and abundant water. The current vegetation of the Park reproduces the typical ecosystems of the Mediterranean forest. The contact with the river, the existing agricultural and autochthonous vegetation, the isolated character of the public use of some areas and the developed management make the Park an especially valuable space from an ecological point of view, having a singular floristic and faunistic biodiversity in comparison with other similar parks.
Historical heritage
The right bank of the Guadalquivir river, to the north of the Monasterio de la Cartuja de Santa María de las Cuevas, was planted for a long time with poplars that were used as defense against the continuous overflows of the river. This place that managed to form a long avenue has been called Alamillo for five centuries.

The space where the Park and the Farmhouse are placed nowadays, is located between the municipal districts of Seville and Santiponce, on the original agricultural garden of the Alamillo. It is a singular place in the history of Seville, which is surrounded with important places known by their tradition and history, as are the monasteries of La Cartuja, San Jerónimo and San Isidoro del Campo.
One of the singular aspects of the Park is the huge variety of activities you can practice on its area. That is the reason why the management office of The Alamillo has decided to create a specific calendar of activities.

The program of activities consists of an action a month, normally on Sunday morning (day that people dedicate to enjoy their free time with family or with friends). This program changes in summer, during the months of July and August. Due to the high temperatures and with the purpose of offering a quality alternative to enjoy without going out of the metropolitan area, the actions foreseen for this period take place every day at night.

The most important activities in the park are the following:
  • Isla de la Cartuja half-marathon: Lorenzo Muñoz memorial
  • Andalusia’s day
  • Integration’s day
  • Bicylce metropolitan’s day
  • Dogs' day
  • The "veranillos de Alamillo"
  • Nature's day
  • Anniversary of the park
  • Children’s day
  • Royal collectors’ day
It is necessary to stand out among the previous activities, the one called "Veranillos del Alamillo" which offers daily activities in the months of July and August such as: Infantile Workshops, Story-tellers, Poetical nights, Flamenco, Theatre, Cinemas, Parades.