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Dunas de San Antón
Ayuntamiento de Puerto de Santa María, Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz), Andalucía
Phone: +34 956 008 700 - Fax: +34 956 0087 02
Surface: 70,44 Ha - Population: 80.600 inhabitants
Number of municipalities: 1
Dunas de San Antón
The Dunas de San Antón Periurban Park, covers a 70,44-ha extension belonging to the Dunas de San Antón woodland, which is the property of the Andalusian Regional Government. It is nowadays equipped with public use facilities consisting in tables, benches, barbecues and perimeter enclosure, an improvement project currently being in the implementation stage which envisages the replacement of the furniture, children’s playground, perimetric enclosure and bar-kiosk. It must be mentioned that the park is totally incorporated into the built-up area.
Natural heritage
The Dunas de San Antón woodland is a forestal area located on top of dunes while the latter, in turn, are on top of naked cliffs made up of highly fragile plio-quaternary materials such as sands, malms and clays in which appear strong horizons of Pliocene calcarenite stone. On these sands, undulating profile pseudogley soils have been formed lacking a superficial drainage network. The vegetation consists of one umbrella pine (Pinus pinea) forest growing on the littoral dune system characterized by a coastal broom undergrowth with which valuable populations of common chameleon (Chamaeleo chamaeleon) are associated. From the fauna standpoint, it also deserves mention for being an important spot in the route of migratory birds.