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Dehesa del Generalife
C/ Marques de la Ensenada, 1. 18071 Granada, Granada, Andalucía
Phone: +34 958 026 000 - Fax: +34 958 026 058
Surface: 2.720 Ha - Population: 115.638 inhabitants
Number of municipalities: 1
Dehesa del Generalife
The grounds of the El Generalife meadow consist of the area known as El Generalife Meadow Woodland, with an extension of 207,70 ha, belonging to the La Alhambra Trust the Lancha de Cenes woodland, covering 119,30 ha, being the property of the State, and the Jesús del Valle and other woodlands with an area of 131 ha, which are private property, adding up to a total of 458 ha which create a natural spot, encompassed by the same boundary, lying South of the River Darro and East of the city of Granada, practically next to the built-up area.

The arboreal stratum is basically made up of holm oaks, isolated gall oaks and forestation pine-trees. It is a natural area which partially meets the recreational needs of the city of Granada, fulfilling the objective requirements which characterize the concept of Periurban Park as established in Act 2/1989 on the Inventory of Andalusian Natural Protected Areas.
Natural heritage
It is a refuge for Iberian fauna where vegetation formations belonging to the Meso-Mediterranean and Supra-Mediterranean series grow, holm oaks, gall oaks and willows being their outstanding components.
Historical heritage
Approaching Granada from the Periurban Park is an experience made up of an overwhelming combination of history, art and literature, bringing together elements such as Lorca, Falla, Irving, the Sacromonte and the Albaicín the historical monuments of La Alhambra and the Generalife Gardens, the San Nicolás Viewpoint, the Paseo de los Tristes, the River Darro, the Cathedral or the Plaza Bibrambla.
Main activities
Among the public use facilities in the park, the outstanding features are the recreational areas of El Aljibe de la Lluvia and El Llano de la Perdiz, long two traditional spots used by the population of Granada for recreational purposes. It also has the Silla del Moro viewpoint, the Acequia de la Real signposted tourist bicycle-lane and the signposted paths of El Quejigal del Darro, El Barranco de la Silla del Moro and the Llanos de la Perdiz sports circuit, whence the visitor can admire magnificent views of the historical monuments of La Alhambra and the Sierra Nevada and Sierra de Huétor natural parks.

The majority of activities carried out in the Dehesa del Generalife Periurban Park fit the purpose of the declaration of natural protected areas. Such a protection concept, established in Act 2/1989 on the Inventory of Andalusian Natural Protected Areas, defines the Periurban Parks as “those natural areas located in the vicinity of a built-up area, be they created by man or not, having been declared such for the purposes of adapting their use to the recreational needs of the population for which such declaration is intended.”