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Parco di Montemarcello-Magra
Via Paci, 2, Sarzana (La Spezia), Liguria
Phone: +39 187 691071 - Fax: +39 187 606738
Surface: 4.320,8 hectares - Population: 89.443 (number of residents inside the communes of the park)
Number of municipalities: 18
Parco di Montemarcello-Magra
The Park includes either the hills that separate the south-western watercourses of the Gulf of La Spezia from the plain of the Magra, a course of the river which runs in the Ligurian area and the lower, middle course of the river Vara.

From Punta Bianca the extreme point of the headland il Caprione up to the green valley of the river Vara, the Park gathers a territory of 4320,8 hectares abounding in naturalistic, historical and cultural features. The wide luxuriant area crosses the boundaries of eighteen boroughs.

The Mediterranean flora represents the naturalistic feature and the most precious characteristic of the coastal area marked by ancient mule tracks that connect the villages of Ameglia, Tellaro and Montemarcello.

Although the lower zone of the Val di Magra appears clearly exploited it includes moist areas unique in the Ligurian territory, rest areas (specific zones for resting), nesting spots of great importance for the migratory bird fauna.

Wide forests and watercourses feature the Val di Vara valley that still keeps its ancient peasants’ traditions which are evaluating the typical products and the agricultural, touristic activities and moreover maintaining the environment untouched.
Natural heritage
The precious Mediterranean flora represents the most significant naturalistic characteristic of the entire coastal area where the growth of the Cistus albidus is particularly flourishing. The valleys of the river Magra and Vara serve as the main relevant migratory course to the bird fauna. Amongst the typical species we will mention the following: the Alcedo atthis and the Remiz pendulinus. The fish fauna appears very diversified: 39 species have been counted in a census amongst which the Salmo trutta trutta typical of the middle and upper course of the river Vara.
Historical heritage
The Ligurian necropolis of Ameglia and the Roman villa in Bocca di Magra represent the most impressive ancient features of the Park. All the boroughs of the Park have got their own medieval town centre and few of them still keep in perfect conditions outstanding fortresses amongst which the fortress of Sarzanello and the Firmafede one in Sarzana, the old Castle in Cornoviglio and the one in Lerici. The Dome in Sarzana is enriched with works of art amongst which the wood cross by Mastro Guglielmo of 1138.
Main activities
Amongst the various activities promoted by the Park we would like to mention Camminaparco. It consists of a series of excursions guided by professional tourist and naturalistic guides. Starting from June to September there will be guided tours by boat along the extreme course of the river Magra and the cliffs of the Caprione as well. In Spring and Summer Parcoestate that is cultural, sportive and leisure events. From September to May the Park organizes educational courses and training classes concerning the environment. The educational programme is referred to all schools of the province.