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Parco delle Groane
Via della Polveriera, 2, Solaro (MI), Lombardia
Phone: +39 02 9698141 - Fax: +39 02 96790196
Surface: ha 3800 - Population: 300.000
Number of municipalities: 16
Parco delle Groane
A green corridor between Milano and the upper plain
Parco delle Groane covers the most important and semi-natural area of the upper plain lying in Lombardy, precisely in the north-west of Milan. It is of particular interest in terms of geomorphology, pedagogy and vegetation. The origin of the Park dates back to the Quaternary period and the chemical and physical features of the soil have significantly influenced the type of vegetation that we can find today.

Forests and moorlands, dry areas and wetlands, pine and oak trees, poor and poorly fertile soils - in other times just good for making bricks, for military exercises and any other uncomfortable activity to be settled elsewhere such as powder and chemical industries - has however, not prevented the building of villas and rural villages, giving life to a difficult agriculture, but essential to territorial balance: in short, a mixture of modernity, culture, art, traditions, nature and innovation.

Parco delle Groane, today managed by a public authority, was established in 1976 by the Lombardy Region to protect a partly intact, partly highly industrialized territory. Its aim is to gradually buy the areas located within the perimeter of the park to equip some of them and make them available to citizens.
Natural assets: Forests, pinewoods and moorlands
The European Union has recognized two sites of Community interest within the park, as there are some identified habitats, plant and animals species for which the EU gives priority to its conservation and protection. In 1996, the Management Consortium enjoyed an extraordinary contribution of over 1 million Euros from the EU LIFE-Nature program that wanted to reward projects whose activities were in favor of fauna and flora study and research and had a commitment to the biodiversity conservation of those areas.
Historical and architectural heritage: villas and furnaces
Parco delle Groane, also because of its rich history and complex environmental and economic vicissitudes, is one of the Italian regions which more boasts a rich historical and architectural heritage represented by villas, palaces, ancient villages, furnaces.
Objectives and projects
Over the years, many projects have been developed from environmental requalification and restoration to the improvement of walking trails, cycling paths and parking areas from encouraging a compatible agriculture to the organization of training and refreshing courses and school study visits.
All initiatives, projects and proposals of the park authority tend to one goal: to make the park a live environment, in dialogue with the territory at a daily commitment and patience in order to create a sustainable and responsible society.