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Parco Agricolo Sud Milano
Via Vivaio, 1, Milano, Lombardia
Phone: +39 02 77 40 32 64 - Fax: +39 02 77 40 32 72
Surface: 47.000 hectares - Population: 3 millions residents
Number of municipalities:
Parco Agricolo Sud Milano
The park is shaped in a half-circle, and surrounds the southern Milan urban area. Its vast dimensions make it an important "greenhing" along this belt. It has the Milan plain's characteristic features: irrigated areas and intense cereal growing activity.

The Province of Milan manages this park.

Its main objectives are protecting and enhancing the landscape and environment between city andcountry, creating ecological balance in the metropolitan area, and promoting activities for the city's residents.

The fundamental, central element uniting these aims lies in the preservation and promotion of agricultural activities.

Large natural reserves are included within the park's agricultural areas. Programmes and projects in favour of sustainable development are currently being organised and applied in all of these areas.
A land with an identity based on agriculture
The park's fundamental nature is made up of agricultural areas, which also include vast natural landscapes. These have significant interest for the environment and landscape.
Natural heritage
This concerns a group of small zones scattered throughout the park's territory. The largest areas concern typical milanese ancient wood species, wetlands, and "marcite" (irrigation fields).

Many natural reserves have already been designated as "areas of community interest" in the Natura 2000 programme's framework.
A park touched by history
Historical and cultural buildings can be found throughout the park. Abbeys, châteaux, farms, and buildings now listed as "industrial architecture" make up this heritage. The routes linking these remains pass through agricultural and metropolitan areas.