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Aree Protette del Po e della Collina Torinese
Cascina Le Vallere Corso Trieste 98, Moncalieri (Torino), Piemonte
Phone: +39 011 64880 - Fax: +39 011 643218
Surface: 14.035 hectares - Population: 1,5 millions residents
Number of municipalities:
Aree Protette del Po e della Collina Torinese
Managing entity: Ente di gestione del Sistema delle aree protette della Fascia Fluviale del Po tratto torinese.

The Protected Areas of the Po and  Torinese Hills, born in 1990, it includes shares of Sangone, Stura of Lanzo and Dora Baltea it extends itself more of 14.000 hectares, through 3 Provinces, Cuneo, Torino and Vercelli and 35 Municipalities.
The protected areas included into its borders are 12.

The territory of a river that crossing big urban centre, Moncalieri, Torino, San Mauro, Chivasso it’s really far from stereotyped of Natural Park, big woods, white summits, crowds of wild animals. But its institution in protected area has the goal to improve an environment afflicted from the human pression, so, from the urbanization, from the strong cementification of the banks, from the water pollution, from the difficulties created by the big drawing of sand and gravel, etc., problems that coexist on the all fluvial course.

The instruments to drive this action are constituted from the address dictated from the planning of the area, from the control operated by the Vigilance Service, from the actions of cultural and educational sensitisation that the Local Office suggests yearly through the organization of festivals, meetings and visits’ guided.
Natural patrimony
Its necklace of protected areas defend the Dora Baltea and the confluences of the Po’s affluents and it presents a rich variety of animals and spontaneous vegetation. Its Special Natural Reserves are eight: confluence of Maira, Lanca of San Michele, Lanca of Santa Marta and confluence of Banna, Meisino and Isolone of Bertolla, confluence of Orco and Malone, confluence of Dora Baltea (or Baraccone), Isolotto of Ritano and Old Mill. Its supplied areas are 4: Oasis of Po Morto, Molinello, Le Vallere, Arrivore and Colletta.

Great naturalistic importance are the reserve of Lanca of San Michele where it’s possible to find a wood rinaturalized from the Town Hall of Carmagnola, the Reserve of Meisino, even it’s situated in the centre of the city of Torino, it gives hospitality to a considerable heronry of Ardea cinerea and the Baraccone rich of water birds.
Historical patrimony
The territory of the park is constituted from a big plot of history and culture, first of all with the crown of Savoy’s residences that surround it.

Even the big water manufacts present in the sector at valley of Torino offer suggestions of great interest that they permit to read in new way the texture of canals which irrigate the rice-fields of Vercelli and the plan, and they make its richness. And still ancient villages, little churches and votive aedicules diffused into the hill, romantic rests and the City of Torino, a big museum outdoor.
Main activities
The opportunities of enjoying are numerous during all the year, with run by bicycle and an horseback on the big net of public runs and equestrian, competitions of cross-country, didactic activities either outdoor or in class, visits’ guided in the most beautiful protected areas. The more important events are in June, with the National Regatta of the Fluvial Parks and in September with The Time of the River, manifestation which includes inside of it tasting’s moments of the typical products of the Po’s lands and walks where it’s possible to discover the corners more interesting of the Park