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Natural Park Drahán- Troja
Trojská 230/96 171 00 Praha 7 - Troja, Praha-Troja, Central Bohemia
Phone: +420 284 691 121 - Fax: +420 284 691 121
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Number of municipalities:
Natural Park Drahán- Troja
The territory of Natural Park Drahán- Troja spreads over an area of 579 ha and encompasses four municipal districts of Prague: Troja, Bohnice, Cimice and Dolní Chabry. The largest area of the park (app. 300 ha) is located in Prague Troja, an area of the project Periurban Parks interest in terms of its protection, care and development. Residential areas with prevailing family houses (south border) and the housing estate in Bohnice (north border) are located on the delimited territory. The park also includes Zoological and Botanical garden and varied group of natural, cultural and tourist sights. The park represents a recreational space that increases the standard of living and offers leisure possibilities for its inhabitants at the same time it is a very important area from the ecological point of view - to maintain biodiversity, protected species, and ecological stability of the territory.
Natural heritage
The park is situated in the area of Troja Basin, on the left bank of the Vltava River. The park encompasses two significant European locations of Natura 2000 (the natural monument Havránka and Salabka, the natural reserve Podhorí). Considering the biodiversity, the Troja area is one of the most significant areas of Prague.
Historical heritage
For centuries, the Troja landscape was cultivated by shepherding, agriculture and fruit growing. Historical traits of these uses are preserved even today, the evidence being agricultural and vineyards estates. The baroque Troja Palace with its garden and large economic background is a dominant feature of this area.
Main activities
Troja is a very popular recreational area also due to its sports facilities for canoeing, horse riding, tennis, cycling and roller-skating alongside the river. Over two million people visit Troja annually, which makes it the second most visited location in Prague (after the Prague castle).