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members' news
Officially approved the 'Strategy for the Conservation of Biodiversity in the municipality of Vitoria-Gasteiz'
The Municipality of Vitoria-Gasteiz included among the contents of its Plan of Action of the Agenda 21 for 2010-2014 committed to drafting a Local Strategy for Biodiversity Conservation.

The result of this municipal commitment proceeded to draft a first document with support from the Environmental Consulting Equinox Natura. After the contrast by various municipal technical services, this draft was submitted to a process of participation in the Environment Sector Council, whose members, mainly the Agrarian Union UAGA and GADEN conservation group provided valuable criticism and qualifications. Also contributing to enrich the document other organizations such as the Institute of Nature Alava, the Spanish Ornithological Society and the Association APUS. To all just be grateful for the effort and your interest in improving document.

The main objective of the strategy is to establish the necessary measures, within ten years, halting the loss of biodiversity and achieve favorable conservation status of habitats and species of the municipality, encouraging the recognition of their values ​​and functions for society. Therefore, once a diagnosis of municipal location, 123 actions are proposed.

The document was officially approved by the Board of Municipal Government on February 13, 2015.