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members' news
Life - OZON - Restoration of natural habitats for critically endangered species by defragmentation of the Sonian Forest.
Sonian Forest / Forêt de Soignes

'Life - OZON' (LIFE12 NAT/BE/000166) will link areas of high ecological value within Belgium's Sonian Forest, which covers parts of south-east Brussels, by constructing wildlife crossings, such as underpasses, viaducts and culverts. The forest is currently threaded by roads and railways, dividing wildlife populations and resulting in the deaths of over 50 roe deer and red foxes - the most common species - every year. The project should enable vulnerable species to move between isolated patches within the forest and extend the populations of typical species. Fences will also be erected to impede animals' access to roads and railway lines. It is hoped this will reduce road kill by 90%.