President's foreword
For a long time, city and nature, rural and urban worlds ignored one another, like two opposite poles.
Acknowledging the "sustainable development" concept lets us affirm that city and nature are complementary elements which fit in a unique development plan.

Each urban area that wants to provide its fellow citizens with quality of living must be committed to protecting its nearby natural environment in order to preserve biological diversity.

The periurban park concept emerges from this interaction between urban and rural/natural territory. These areas bring together problems connected to biological diversity, landscape, leisure activities, environmental education and sustainable management of metropolitan areas.

Fedenatur member parks, with their specific characteristics, are examples of the desire to establish balanced relations between city and nature. They create solutions to make residents' leisure activities compatible with preserving natural environments.

On behalf of Fedenatur, I invite all cities to join in this effort as a commitment and guarantee of a future that respects the environment for all of our citizens.