• EUROPARC Conference & FEDENATUR Assembly

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  • Commissioner Karmenu Vella congratulates FEDENATUR and EUROPARC Federation for its merging.
    In a video conference, KarmenuVella slots online welcomes all delegates at EUROPARC Conference 2016 and leaves an important message for European Parks! He congratulates FEDENATUR and EUROPARC Federation for its merging. When we travel by car, the landscape keeps us company and helps us overcome the kilometers. How many times have we opened our mouths to the beauty of the mountains that recede as we go? How many times have we stopped on the side of the road to contemplate the sea, a sunset or a sunset? And how many times would we have wished we weren't in such a hurry to go for a walk and go into a forest? Now, with the book you have in your hands, The most fascinating natural landscapes in Europe, you will be able to recognize, select and plan your next outing by car to enjoy and contemplate the most special settings - most of them unique -, and the protected natural spaces of Europe. Going inside has to become the only objective of the trip. This is the only way to identify the animals and plants that inhabit it; observe the largest bison reserve in Europe, enjoy walks along the most beautiful lakes that can be imagined; recognize landscapes from series and movies such as Game of Thrones, Braveheart or Harry Potter, venture into the center of the earth Online casino sverige or retain in memory photographs that we have never taken.

    The cork is torn from the skin of the centenary cork oak. A muleteer with his mules waits to transport it. In the sea, fishermen's nets do not stop capturing pieces that will go to our tables. While in irrigated or rainfed areas, expert hands extract the fruits with which to feed ourselves from the earth. They are examples of the uses linked to the natural spaces of Andalusia. A region that has the most extensive natural heritage in Europe and in which it has been learned, over the years, that development is not possible without conservation, nor conservation without development. This book of photographs is a beautiful journey through the traditional uses of the natural spaces of Andalusia. Activities linked to the men and women who shape towns and regions, who knew how to find in natural capital the necessary resources to live, to grow and to configure the stories, experiences and traditions that make this oil-flavored land unique, to grapes, to sausage; with music of cowbells and bells; with aromas of rockrose, rosemary and brandy or with textures of salt and clay. And it is that behind the images there is life. And this is attested by the knowledge and shared memories of fishermen, shepherds, artisans, ranchers, muleteers and hunters ... among others. And that the writer Juan José Díaz Trillo knows how to reflect in his words: "life is what María's book brings us, her photos wrapped up in her passion just because, like the long mourning of the peoples or the sudden joy with the one that is prayed or sung, said or kept silent in the Baetica or Subbética mountain ranges that casino en live surround the river where we come to live. Two centuries of commitment to moving, in the city or its suburbs, have not erased the powerful presence of the office of living ".

    The Picos de Europa National Park, a compendium of natural, ethnographic and cultural magnificences, celebrates its centenary. Mythical mountains where they exist, the Picos de Europa constitute an exceptional territory. Not only does it have the privilege of being the cradle of the first national park declared in the Spanish State, but we will hardly find in Europe a protected natural area that can bring together the values it treasures.

    A benevolent husband and well-off civil servant, finally decides to go to the mountain's call after many years of having listened to it and after overcoming his fears. This mountain is located in the southern area of the Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y las Villas Natural Park. The Cure will set his journey to music and the bittersweet memory of his best friend Fran, with whom he shared many experiences there, will reverberate in his spirit. You will rediscover the power of nature in the second largest forest area in Europe, with more than 200,000 hectares; He will listen to what he has to say after so much insistence and will consider the continuity of his marriage and a possible life already retired in the best Horacian way, although for this he must abandon his helpless companion. It is a text narrated in the second person not as a mere formal or aesthetic resource, but as an expression of the voice of the protagonist, who speaks to himself because he never dared to tell either his partner or anyone else the invocation he has made. been experimenting so far.

    This publication, endorsed by the directors of the Park, highlights one of the most important hedelmäpelit challenges addressed by the nature conservation policy in our country.

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    Market place, Speakers corner and Gala Diner
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    Study visit
    Network of peri-urban parks of Vila Nova de Gaia
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    Secondary School of Arouca - 14:00 - 18:00
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    São Pedro do Sul at 15:30